ear candling procedure

Ear Candling: A Health Practice From the East

Ear candling has been used in China and Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years to promote health.

Placing the end of a hollow candle into the ear canal and lighting the far end the warm smoke travels down into the cooler ear warming and melting the wax. The centrifugal force, just like a tornado but much more peaceful, then pulls the wax back up through the candle. Some of it burns and some of it stays in the unburnt portion of the candle. In these pictures you can see there is not only wax but there are powdery substances.

The orange candles in these pictures were done in the right ear of the subject and while there is quite a bit of wax it has a nice clean color and not too much powdery residue.

The purple candles are from the left ear. As you can see the wax is actually black and there is a lot of powder in both candles. We had to do a third candle (the pink candle) because when I pulled the second candle out there was a large piece of black wax still stuck in the ear which hadn’t made it into the candle. This told me clearly there was much more in the subject’s ear. Fortunately, in the third candle you can see the return to a much more normal color.

This client has year-round allergies and was suffering from a sinus headache when she came in so we decided to do her very first Ear Candling. When she left the pain was down 75% and dropping.

I recommend Ear Candling at at beginning of the cold season and anytime you have congestion in the head.