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1 World Medicinals provides a natural sanitizing agent!

Did you know that 1 World Medicinals’ Wellness Spray is a combination of organic essential oils which kill viruses, staphylococcus, streptococcus and many other nasty beasties & fungi? Spray it on surfaces, in the air, down your throat, on your hands, in your nose & eyes. Yes, your eyes!  There is a duct which drains into your […]

Inside ill versus outside injury

Today I am reminded of the difference between injury and illness. I know this sounds like it would be obvious but it’s not always. The first symptoms of injury About a week ago my shoulder started to hurt. At first it just felt stiff and my neck hurt when my shoulder hurt. As the week […]

Ear Candling: A Health Practice From the East

Ear candling has been used in China and Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years to promote health. Placing the end of a hollow candle into the ear canal and lighting the far end the warm smoke travels down into the cooler ear warming and melting the wax. The centrifugal force, just like a tornado […]

Healing through awareness of movement.

As children we learn to move by watching those around us.  Frequently I hear people say “ I walk just like my mother “ or “ I stand just like my father”.  Yes we do.  However it is not heredity.  It is a learned behavior which can be changed. We reveal our emotions in our […]