Shape Shifters offers a range of wellness programs that address a variety of ages and issues. Program descriptions are as follows.

Being Pregnant: Healthy You, Healthy Baby
Along with the joy of being pregnant, women are faced with an influx of physical changes, hormonal shifts, and emotional ups and downs. This program provides additional support through Homeopathy, Pilates, nutrition, and massage therapy.

Sedentary Job: Keep it moving!
Working at a sedentary job increases your chances of injury due to weakening of muscle structure from lack of movement. This program addresses proper body mechanics for injury prevention and healthy nutrition for a clear mind. Not only will the employees appreciate feeling better, the companies will be thankful for lower cost of health insurance!

Pain Relief through Bodywork
Stress is often held in the body as tension, creating unnecessary strain and pain. This program combines bodywork and movement reeducation to relieve pain, relax the body, and prevent further pain and injury.

Recover from Injury and Surgery
If you have completed a hospital rehab program and are looking for more support, look no further. The focus will be on gait and movement mechanics, helping individuals to create new movement patterns that are based on ease rather than pain. When you reeducate the body, it helps to prevent further injury and strengthens the immune system thus aiding in overall health.

Being a Supple Senior
Many of the illnesses associated with aging are often due to lack of basic self-care. It is vitally important at every age to move your body, which strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system. Over time, one’s metabolism changes and this program meets those changing needs, reestablishing health through movement and nutrition.