Taking care of yourself starts with the very basics, food being one of them. We eat on a daily basis and have an opportunity to choose healthy food for a healthy body and a vibrant life.

Have you ever felt grouchy and irritable, only to realize that you haven’t eaten for several hours?

Have you let the vegetable drawer in your fridge go empty or rot away with once pristine veggies?

Does confusion set in when you go to the store and see advertising calling out “Low-fat” “No transfats” “GMO free”?

Whole, nutritious food is a necessity not a luxury in today’s fast paced world. The lure of convenience and fast food may seem like the easy way out. The truth is, it’s not. It’s not easy on your waistline, your energy, or your long term health.

Shape Shifters offers nutritional counseling to help you make sense of the information out there, discern what the best choices for you would be, assess potential allergies, and give you some very simple tips to make eating easy, healthy, and enjoyable. We also offer healthy eating cooking classes, so whether you are a seasoned chef or new to the kitchen, you’ll want to join these classes!

Are you ready to have more energy, feel better, and lose weight? Then let us show you how to enjoy eating well today. Just because it’s healthy does not mean you give up flavor. Call today to start a new food adventure.

$130 – 1 hr consultation