Facials & Skin Care

Herbal Facials

For an exclusive herbal regime that will soften, smooth and replenish your skin, you don’t want to miss a Shape Shifters facial (especially helpful for sensitive skin). Pair this treatment with a therapeutic massage and you are ready for a day of pampering.

Try a full one hour herbal facial, with a hand/foot massage and a head/neck massage or a 30-minute herbal facial, includes a hand or foot massage.

Herbal Facials & Reflexology prices:
60 min 120.00
30 min mini facial 80.00

Elements Facials

  • WIND

    The perfect acne solution. Soothing and gentle as a summer breeze, this facial is dedicated to reducing inflammation while increasing circulation. Relax and release your troubles, as we calm aggravated skin, prime and re-mineralize your body and spirit.

    60 minutes | $150


    Earth elements firm and tighten the skin and fascia while nourishing deeply. Clay and florals cleanse and create balance and longevity. Vitalize the entire body with a stimulating foot wrap and massage.

    90 minutes | $190


    Our dermabrasion facial gently sweeps away the outer layers of skin, leaving a new refreshed you. Using enriching minerals and deep moisturizers to replace and re-energize your skin leaving you glowing. Facial includes a deeply soothing head and neck massage.

    75 minutes | $185

  • FIRE

    Eliminate blemishes and wrinkles with our rejuvenating chemical peel. Reach deep for a new beautiful you. Replenish micro nutrients after peeling away damaged outer layers for total rebalancing and perfection.

    60 minutes | $150

  • WOOD

    Firm and strengthen facial tissue using elements of cedar, juniper, citrus, and rose. This facial rebuilds and balances the skin’s immune system with collagen enriched botanicals. Reflexology hand and foot massage to support the immune system and balance the body.

    75 minutes | $180

  • RAIN

    Our acupressure facial renews, lightens and stimulates the inner cleaning of the entire body. Rich antioxidants are merged into the skin leaving you refreshed and recharged.

    75 minutes | $160

Elements Facials