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Our goal is to help you learn how to take care of yourself so you are strong, healthy, confident, and empowered. When you begin to participate in your own care in this way, your life transforms. Instead of being confused by healthcare choices, you feel clarity on the best choice for you. Instead of relying on a pill to mask your symptoms, you resolve the issue at its core, providing deep and long-lasting results.

Our service offerings are comprehensive, from classes to personalized sessions to wellness programs to low-cost clinics, we take care of people from the inside out, helping you to be healthy for the long term.

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1 World Medicinals

Healing Body & Soul

Shape Shifters offers 1 World Medicinals products in our facials, massage and for sale. CBD has proven to be a wonderful healing agent for skin issues like cystic acne and much more. CBD can relieve pain instantly when used in massage.