Massage & Body Wraps

Shape Shifters specializes in therapeutic massage that will leave you relaxed and pain-free.

Let your worries melt away with a unique blend of techniques, including Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Light Ray Motion Therapy, Deep Energy healing.

If you are in pain or just want to “feel better,” you’ve come to the right place.

Massage Therapy prices:
30 min 65.00
60 min 130.00
90 min 195.00

$500 and $1100 pre-paid specials: 5 hours and 10 hours applicable to all services except Body Wraps & Facials!

Shape Shifters offers 1 World Medicinals products in our facials, massage and for sale. CBD has proven to be a wonderful healing agent for skin issues like cystic acne and much more. CBD can relieve pain instantly when used in massage.

European Body Wraps

Getting ready for your new Summer Bathing Suit? Need to fit into that little black (or red) dress? Do you just know you can feel better and need a little bump over the hump?

Long touted as one of the best kept secrets of European health and beauty this wrap will reduce your size by a minimum of 6 inches in just the first session while detoxifying and firming your body. The European Body Wrap contours, flattens and reshapes those lumps and bumps into a new smooth you.

The wrap will take 2.5 hours. Most of this time is spent in resistance movement to help tighten muscle and tissue while removing the toxins from the muscles.

Wrap prices:
1 wrap 200.00
2 wraps 380.00
4 wraps 700.00

Many times we think “Oh it won’t last” but European Body Wraps typically will hold for 30 days. If you are careful with how you eat it is the perfect tool for losing weight, and size while reshaping your body in a short amount of time.

Make it a girls day out and take 20% off your whole day with us.

In preparing for your wrap

Eat a balanced but moderate meal. The wraps are tight and a large meal will make you uncomfortable. Not eating will make you dizzy as you will be exercising for an hour.

Bring an extra set of underwear you don’t mind getting clay on. Un-padded bra. Cotton is best.

Shape Shifters After Wrap Instructions:

Now that you are unwrapped what do you do to maintain this?

  1. Drink lots of fresh water. Add a little fresh lemon juice to it for additional detoxing.
  2. Do not shower or sweat profusely for 24-72 hours. The clay will continue to detoxify and tighten your skin. When you do shower use a loofah over your whole body to open the pores.
  3. After your shower: Moisturize your skin to help it stay balanced now that it is clean. I recommend all natural products.
  4. Eat sensibly. Avoid sweets, fats, white flours, alcohol and pasta. Fresh leafy greens, green tea, whole grains and organic meats are your friends. They will help you reach your goals and be healthy.
  5. If your intention is weight loss I recommend you return every 3 weeks until your goal is reached. European Body Wraps work well with a good diet and exercise plan.