Our Team

Terra Khemiri

Homeopath, Massage Therapist, Pilates instructor, Medical Intuitive, Nutrition Counselor

Terra has 37 years of training and experience working with clients to strengthen bodies, relieve pain, transform stress, and improve their overall quality of health.

Her unique combination of expertise includes Rehabilitation Pilates, Therapeutic Massage, Homeopathy, medical intuition, rehab massage therapy, and nutrition.

Terra began training in Therapeutic/ Rehabilitation focused massage after she discovered that her 6 year old, Ian, was 1.5 years behind in his bone growth. The doctors had no explanations or solutions for this. As any concerned mother would, Terra wanted answers. She began to question if his diet, or rather, the chemicals and preservatives found in certain foods, had a negative impact on Ian’s growth. She eliminated milk, refined sugars, preservatives, and food dyes from his diet. Within 6 months, Ian’s growth caught up and surpassed his age group.

With further study in nutrition and supplementation, Terra found that Ian wasn’t alone in how certain food, and the chemicals in it, can interfere with physical and emotional health. This was the beginning of what has turned into a very fruitful and rewarding career. Terra then began training in rehab massage training in 1981, Homeopathy in 1991, and Pilates in 1995.

Massage helped her to restore health to injuries. Homeopathy showed how each individual heals differently according to his/her specific chemistry and genetics. Pilates demonstrated that when the body moves as it is meant to, chronic pain is relieved and unhealthy movement patterns can be reversed. She was also born with a strong intuitive gift (see Medical Intuition) that has aided and enhanced every aspect of her work.

Terra’s success rate for restoring health in clients has consistently been in the 90th percentile and above. Her clients are often so satisfied that Shape Shifters has thrived on referrals. One client has even referred 18 new clients to Terra!

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Ian Ove

Massage Therapist

Ian trained at Harbin School of Healing Arts. As a practicing massage therapist since 2002, Ian is especially gifted in soothing and unifying the body and mind. Ian is deaf, which has allowed him unique insights – he has an awareness to details that other people often miss. Ian specializes in deep tissue, Watsu, Shiatsu and Energy massage.

Andrais R. Miller

Esthetician and Massage Therapists

Andrais R. Miller

We are excited to welcome our newest member Andrais. He is one of the few male CIDESCO certified Esthetician and Massage Therapists on the West Coast. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Andrais started his career with eight years in the US Army, followed by over 15 years as a body guard. A serious injury required Andrais to reconsider his career trajectory and fortunately for us he found his passion. “Seeing people’s reaction to results is my favorite thing about my work. It’s instant gratification. I like to make people feel good about themselves.” Andrais specializes in everything from lymphatic drainage massage to seaweed wraps and hair removal. Stay tuned for more offerings highlighting his amazing abilities! When Andrais isn’t in the studio, you’ll find him taking in the outdoors. Book your appointment with Andrais today and be sure to leave him a review on Yelp or Facebook.