Medical Intuition & Life Readings

Medical intuition is the ability to see what is happening beneath the surface of one’s symptoms. Since each person expresses illness in a different way, having an intuitive “read” what is actually happening helps to correctly heal the imbalance at it’s core.

We all know the truth when we hear it. It just seems to resonate to our core. So often we experience the opposite from our MDs. We leave with that vague feeling of doubt. Wondering “Did my doctor really hear me before they diagnosed me?”

With Terra you always know she heard you because you can feel it when the answer is right for you.

Shape Shifters Medical Intuitive is owner Terra Khemiri. She was born with a highly developed intuitive gift and comes from a long line of Scottish seers. Her goal is to empower you with what she sees, and help you to trust your own feelings. Her focus, along with health, is on your personal growth – showing you how to use the information from PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE energies toward healing yourself and creating a satisfying life.

Who could benefit from a medical intuitive session?

If you:

  • Feel “off” but you don’t quite know why
  • Have not yet found a helpful cure for your symptoms
  • Want to feel optimally healthy, yet aren’t sure how to get there
  • Have questions about your health that may or may not have been answered yet

Does everybody have intuition?

Yes. We all have the ability to sense energy. We all feel drawn, repelled, or neutral towards people. We all have hunches and gut feelings. Learning how to interpret and understand what you sense is a rewarding process. This is a powerful ability and ally that can aid you in every facet of your life.

Developing your intuition sessions are also available.