Pilates for men

Why Men Should Meet Pilates

(original post: by Ashlee Carignan) No matter what the circumstances are, I can tell you Pilates is recommended for ALL men! I researched a ton of articles about this very topic and they covered a lot of material, but from an instructor standpoint, I’m going to tell you why I think they should. 5 reasons […]

Pilates classes and instructionPilates with Terra is different. It’s not about exercise. It’s about you, in your body and how that works. You will feel better on your first visit.

Terra combines Pilates with Kinesiology and a discerning eye to create a system of rehabilitation for almost any condition. She is a natural healer yet she can explain, in ordinary terms, what is wrong and how to change it. Her specialty is long term pain relief.

“The secret is in the minutia of the movement.”, says Terra. “Frequently it is in the smallest adjustment of a movement. How do you walk? Lift your arm? What muscles you use determines the strength and weakness in your body. Your strengths and weaknesses determine how your posture will be. Posture ultimately determines your pain placement and the longevity of your joints.”

By teaching you to realign the structure of your body you will learn think differently about how you live and move.

The initial visit is an evaluation of your situation:

  • Is it primarily structural or constitutional?
  • What is the underlying cause?
  • What are the compensating movement patterns?
  • How do you respond to movement therapy?
  • How do you respond to Therapeutic bodywork?

Terra then outlines what needs to change and why. It becomes clear to you why this pain exists and how it can change. Together you will develop a plan for your healing which you understand and agree to.

For those of us who have worked with her, we know, Terra hears from another source. She seems to see through to the real nature of the problem and helps people to heal beyond simple explanation. The “Body-Mind connection” takes on a whole new meaning in training with her.

Compensating movement pattern

When we are injured or under stress we develop ways of moving, walking, standing that our subconscious mind says will relieve the pain or discomfort. While this may work for a while the new method will not be in alignment and so will cause wear and tear on the joints and muscles over time. Runel twisted her ankle. The pain was less if she walked on the outside of her foot so she hobbled around until it healed. A year or so later she felt low back pain. Looking at her shoe she could see it was worn on the outside on the same foot she had injured but thought little of it.

This is a common compensation pattern and effect. The foot rolls out dropping that side of the pelvis. The back, hip and knee must change how they function to “compensate” for it. This small injury can lead to much larger problems simply because we are unaware of the changes we adopted while in pain.

Constitutional causation

There is a difference between treating an ‘injury ‘or an issue that is ‘constitutional’. Constitutional means that it comes from some malfunction within the body. These issues can be genetic or the result of an illness. This type of case needs to be treated both from the inside out and the outside in. Terra uses nutrition and Homeopathy or may recommend an Acupuncturist or an Ayurvedic practitioner in addition to the Pilates work.

David had been feeling pain in his knees increasing over the last year. He assumed it was arthritis or something as he had never had an injury that he could remember. He had headaches and seemed tired often.

In the intake appointment David mentioned he had been sick a few years ago with an undiagnosed malady. He’d gone to the doctor and taken antibiotics. Eventually he seemed to feel OK again. I could see some anomalies in his posture and gait but it seemed to be more internal than that. I put him on a Homeopathic remedy. 3 days later the pain in his knees was gone. In the following 30 days, David took the remedy and reported feeling invigorated and no headaches as well.

6 weeks after starting the remedy David began Pilates. It took only 4 weeks to correct the gait problems from the weakness the illness had caused and he has had no pain since.

Private Sessions
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$1100.00 10 hour pre-paid package

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