Ear Candling

$105 per session

Ear Candling is an old, time tested remedy for many ear problems.Some of the benefits of ear candling include:

  • removing wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal
  • treating sinus infections
  • relieving swollen glands in the throat and neck
  • improving hearing or reversing hearing loss
  • relieving sore throats
  • treating colds and flues
  • relieving headaches and migraines
  • improving mental clarity
  • purifying the blood
  • relieving dizziness/ vertigo

Ear Candling is an old, time tested remedy for many ear problems. While modern medicine is skeptical, those of us who have seen the results have no doubts about the benefits.

The procedure is very easy.  While lying on your side a special hollow candle is inserted into the ear opening.  It does not extend very far into the ear canal (so no threat to the ear drum is possible) and is not painful. After carefully covering you with flame retardant cloth we light the far end of the candle.  You will hear a small crackling sound echoing down the candle. When the candle burns down to 4 inches from the end it is removed from the ear and the flame doused.  We then cut the candle open to see what was extracted.

Terra Khemiri learned Ear Candling in 2002. She says “The client’s surprise in how different they feel after their first ear candling is always fun for me.” Terra first heard about ear candling when her mother took her younger sister, Cass, to have it done at 14.  Cass had ear infections since she was 3.  They are so painful!  Terra says she honestly doesn’t remember hearing about another ear infection after that until Cass was in her 30s and had gone swimming in a pond.  Terra does remember Cass describing the event though and how clear her whole head felt after.

Terra didn’t try it herself until much later when she met Sharon, an Ear Candler and teacher.  She and her husband, Marouan, immediately took her class.  Marouan had so much gook in his ears they did each ear twice for him.  He loved it. He said he had more space in his head and felt much better. Terra did not have much wax in her ears but did definitely feel lighter and her hearing was better.