Big thank you for providing the insight and guidance I have been looking for… As 52 year old woman with a high stress life that includes frequent airplane travel, I found myself prone to chronic, debilitating tendonitis in my shoulders and horrible muscle tension in my neck. Therapeutic massage was the first “relief” that I depended on to relieve these symptoms — and finding you as a massage therapist was heaven. As we soon realized, the systemic issues were beyond massage, and I realized that I needed to find ways to re-condition muscles and learn the mechanics of good movement.

As Yoga drop-out, I had some healthy skepticism about Pilates training and what it would entail. After all, I have been devoted to fitness and physical activity for most of my adult life. Daily cardio and occasional weight training have been part of my lifestyle for years. But with the onset of menopause and the chronic injuries, I have been looking for non-impact strength training that would help me manage the tendonitis and what my doctors already saw in my joints as early on-set arthritis — particularly in my shoulders, knees and hands.

The Pilates training has given me relief, and strength, that I never expected. I no longer have to take Advil 3 times a day to manage the pain. I travel easier — the lugging of carry on baggage through terminals and hoisting bags into overhead bins is easier. I feel less “compressed” and more open and relaxed. I have a greater awareness of good movement and from where to draw my strength. I am so much more aware of my spine and core…

While I was planning my last trip to St. Louis with my girlfriend, you were able to sense that I was fighting infection (potential sinusitis) and prescribed a regimen of Homeopathic Phosphorus. Ironically, with the remedy, I was able to fight the infection and my girlfriend ended up with a cold and a lung infection. I am convinced that your help in giving me a stronger body and good herbal and Homeopathic remedies delivers needed “balance” and a greater state of health.

You are incredibly intuitive and an awesome healer.


I write this testimonial with immense gratitude and appreciation, both for the practice of homeopathy and in particular for Terra, who is an incredibly skilled healer. I’m thankful that homeopathy offers alternatives for healing. Terra has been practicing for years and continues to expand her knowledge. She is passionate about healing and committed to caring for individuals in their journey to wellness. Terra has a depth of knowledge of the human body and a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of all body parts. She understands that if one part of the body is injured or in distress it can significantly impair another function of the body or trigger pain elsewhere. As she describes it, when any part of our being (body, emotions, mind) is over taxed, blockages and toxins will occur and ultimately something will suffer as a consequence.

Terra takes care when listening to your symptoms and asks questions to gather explicit data. Every detail matters! Once she has a thorough understanding of what’s happening and how long it has been going on she identifies the best approach. It may be a combination of reflexology, massage, and realigning. Through touch, she feels where congestion issues reside in the body and works those areas with her hands to open a clear path for the toxins to release. She talks to you throughout the process, letting you know where she identifies areas that are weakened and sharing possible causes. She continues asking questions for the most informed view and to help explain the tenderness, or lack of function, in a particular area of the body.

In my case, I had been suffering from both ears being plugged with a rushing sound echoing in my ears for well over 3 weeks. It was both frightening and irritating. Every conversation was difficult and background noise was overshadowing the immediate conversation I was trying to have. After visiting my regular doctor and an ENT who ordered an auditory test and suggested I may have hearing loss and need hearing aids. I was quite alarmed. I reached out to Terra as I had prior positive experiences working with her. After one session she was able to pin point what she believed to be the cause and prescribed a homeopathic regime as a follow up. Within 20 minutes of leaving her office and driving to a nearby store that carried the homeopathic item Terra recommended my ears became unplugged. It was amazing! Terra has continued to have me do a quick check in, monitoring my progress and helping ensure I stay on a positive path. Her caring approach and sophisticated methods of healing are remarkable and refreshing in an age of doctors who are ever so eager to only prescribe drugs. I am grateful and feel incredibly fortunate to have had Terra to help me through this ordeal.

Carolin G.

“Being an athlete all my life helped me stay healthy and strong. So, when I had a miscarriage I thought I would bounce right back. My miscarriage was so bad I almost bled to death, twice. The doctors gave me drugs to stop the bleeding which only made matters worse. I went to 3 different doctors and had several tests, including a cervical biopsy. Still not finding anything “wrong” with me, they decided it was best to put me on the birth control pill. To me, this was not fixing the problems it was just suppressing it. I was lethargic, having irregular periods, hemorrhaging, severely gaining weight, having hot flashes, not ovulating, couldn’t exercise without bleeding, my hair was thinning, zinc deficient, insulin resistant, had no sex drive and could barely cope with life.  I was 28 years old, a personal trainer and healthy at the time of the miscarriage. This all went on for 4 years. Now 32, no kids and testing pre-menopausal, I was beginning to think I would have to deal with this the rest of my life! Thank goodness I was wrong. Terra, one day at work, asked how I was doing with my hormone therapy. I told her I wasn’t happy with how I was feeling or my results. She agreed that I should’ve had more progress. I made an appointment with Terra to go over my symptoms and my health history. She was very thorough and caring about my situation. She gave me the name of the remedy to purchase. Within 3 hours of taking the remedy I was back to my old self. I have ALL my energy back, I am smiling again and life feels good! In the 10 days I have been taking the remedy I have lost 10 inches, have been able to exercise, have had NO hot flashes, have energy to last me the whole day, my hair and skin are healthy again and so much more! I went from feeling like I was a prisoner in my own body, to feeling like I can conquer the world! Thanks to Terra I have my life back! She monitors me at all times and is only a phone call away. That is a lot more that I can say for any M.D.! I am excited to see where else this takes me. Thanks Terra!!!!”

Lesha Kastl

“Terra is a uniquely gifted and highly skilled healing artist who weaves together her multiple talents to provide whatever treatment is needed at the time. I’ve been helped by her homeopathic treatments after contracting a travel bug; received her extraordinarily therapeutic massages for severe neck and shoulder pain from work and ergonomic stress; and most importantly, I have received insightful and caring intuitive guidance that has helped ‘mid-wife’ me through several major life transitions—including career, health, love, and cross-country moves.”

Alison WeeksConsultant

“I’ve worked exclusively with Terra as my health practitioner for 8 years. As a Pilates teacher, she has helped me isolate and change specific issues with my feet, low back, hips, and shoulders that I’ve struggled with for years, enabling me to feel comfortable in my body again. With Homeopathy, she has helped me on every level – mentally, emotionally, and physically. As an intuitive, I’ve never come across anyone more accurate, who could see me more clearly, and is especially skilled with supporting me in transforming my life. I highly recommend working with Terra if you are ready to change!”

Vanessa SmithLife Coach & Speaker

“Terra has keen eye for detail and a great ear for discerning what’s going on in terms of your health, posture, and possibility. When seeing her for homeopathy needs, she’s always been very thorough, caring, and quite helpful in supporting me in having optimum health, and as a Pilates teacher, she is observant, encouraging, and a great teacher. My body has indeed begun to change shape as I’ve continued to take classes with her.”

Paul SmithGreen Business Consultant

“In my experience of life, like most, I always thought an ache here or a back pain there was completely normal, never thinking that the way I moved my body was actually hurting me. Terra has a profound knowledge of the inner working of the human body in mind and it’s a privilege working with her and an honor to be her friend.”

Savannah WalkerStudent

I worked with Terra following a hip replacement where I continued to have pain for over a year after the operation. She immediately saw that my gait was misaligned and that my upper back was not straight, and we worked on these areas.

I have worked with a number of physical therapists, but none so insightful, thoughtful and helpful as Terra. She recognized issues missed by others, and spent focused time with me finding out what adjustments and exercises would best work for my body. She was always upbeat and pleasant, while pushing me hard, and came in over the holiday season on her days off, showing real dedication and care.

I was only able to spend 2 weeks with her as I was visiting from London, but she sent me off both feeling better, pain free and with exercises and adjustments to work on. so I can not only maintain what I learned but continue to improve.
Significantly, she emphasized the importance of focusing on the adjustments in everyday activities, not merely in the sessions themselves. I would highly recommend Terra to you.

Jim DesMaraisManaging Director; General Counsel