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Pilates Mat Class

Strong. Healthy. Confident.

Beginning Pilates classes will help realign your bones by strengthening your muscles and core, and give you a new sense of freedom in your body. Make coming to these classes a habit, others will notice and think, “I want to do whatever they're doing!” Experience immediate results, while having fun and feeling good!

Shape Shifters
1605 School Street
Moraga, Ca 94556


Matt Pilates  
Tuesday 1:00pm
Sunday 8:00am

Yoga & Pilates Matt classes are restricted to 4 students so each student recieves induvidual attention.

Cost for Yoga & Matt Pilates Classes:
$ 45 per class, prepaid in blocks of ten.
The first class is free!

Call: (925) 788-4044 to reserve your space today!

Pilates Reformer duets are special
Duets are a great way for you and a friend, child or partner to share this experience. Laughter and encouragement prevail as the two of you learn about yourselves and how amazing your bodies can be. There is a synchronicity to duets less common in other classes or even one on one.

One on 1 are $110 per hour or $950 for 10 hours — applicable to all services except body wraps & facials.


Reformer duet is $45 per class, prepaid in blocks of 10 classes.

Future classes:

Movement (Gait Mechanics and more)
Nutrition (Cooking, Supplements)
Homeopathy for emergencies
Intuition Development

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